How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time –

March 17, 2010 by
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There’s a great article in the New York Times today: How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time –

It’s about how our privacy may be eroding in ways that we cannot really perceive. Partly, this is because of data mining techniques that enable discrete pieces of information about us to be tied together, thus exposing our identity.

No less interesting than the article are the comments at the end of it. There we can find a few arguments that reflect different views to privacy. In a nutshell, these are:

  1. There is no privacy any more, so let’s work out how we make transparency work for us
  2. If you want to preserve your privacy, don’t take any part in social internet sites, and don’t blame others if the information you put out there comes back to haunt you later on
  3. If you don’t take part in social internet sites, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in comparison to people who do (you lack information)
  4. What’s new? Court records and so on have always been publicly available
  5. The internet isn’t the problem – look how much information the credit card companies have about you


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